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Product Marketing, Sales, & Distribution

Aligning your product with the well-known and long-lasting WeCare brand may be exactly what is needed to bring your compost products successfully to market.  We believe education builds value and we work closely with municipal and private enterprise clients to market, brand, and sell their compost products.  With hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of compost sold annually, allow the experts to design a custom compost marketing plan for you.

Product Marketing

As pioneers in compost marketing, WeCare got it's start marketing compost in the North-East in the early 1990's at a time when compost wasn't well known.  It was at this time that we learned that educating our potential customers and helping them understand how compost can add value to their projects was the path to selling compost.  To this day, we believe that education builds value, and developing intensive marketing plans with a focus on educating the customer is our lifeblood.  We have a established ourselves a leader in product marketing and have developed marketing literature, publications, imagery, and presentations all focused on marketing compost and residuals products.  Allow our team of experts to help your organization do the same.




Product Distribution

With years and years of marketing and sales of compost, engineered soils, and other organic residuals products we are aligned with multiple distribution channels.  We understand that not only does the product need a marketplace, it needs to be delivered timely and reliably.  Through the years we have built a network of contract haulers, blenders, and distributors throughout our service regions.  This allows us to deliver our products reliable and cost effectively, no matter the size of the project.

Product Sales

With hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of compost, soil, and mulch sold, WeCare understands the direct sales approach needed to sell these products.  By hiring passionate sales people, providing great training, and maintaining a culture that thrives on client service we are able to effectively sell product throughout the United States.  Allow our team of experts to help your organization do the same.

Have questions? Let our team of experts find solutions for you.